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The City of Pittston Redevelopment Authority focuses on projects to revitalize commercial and residential properties to spur investment in the city, create jobs, and attract and retain residents. Projects are financed by City appropriations, federal and state grants and public-private partnerships. The Redevelopment Authority is established pursuant to Section 18-1 of the Pittston City Code and is governed  by a 5 member board appointed by the City Council, with support for daily operations provided by an executive director and professional staff.

Board Members

Joseph Chernouskas, Chairman

LEo SperRazza, Vice Chairman

Tony Guariglia

Frank Serino

William gladish

Staff Members

Joseph Chacke
Secretary, Executive Director

Shannon Bonacci
Deputy Director

Rebecca Latona

Therese roughsedge
Grant Specialist 


sam falcone
Saporito, Falcone & Watt

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