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Pittston Hospital 

This property was acquired by the Greater Pittston Land Revitalization Corporation, the non-profit arm of the RDA, in late August 2021. Early ideas for development include constructing single family homes and townhomes on the vacant land; the original hospital/nursing school being renovated for market rate/high end rentals; the former hospital being renovated for high end rentals and possibly some commercial spaces; and the annex building being renovated as a food + beverage space. This is a 10+ year plan and will be completed in phases.


Fort Pittston School 

This building will hopefully end up on the National Register of Historic Places. If successful, the RDA will pursue historic tax credits to complete a full rehabilitation inclusive of market rate rentals. The building recently went through a stabilization process to keep it standing and safe while we prepare for future projects. 

pittston lumber.jpg

Pittston Lumber

Pittston Lumber is a fluid project at the moment. Initially the plan is to get rid of the blight through demolition. The RDA is planning a mixed-use project that will include residential, commercial and retail. 

north main.jpg

North Main Streetscape

A crucial element to the City's overall comprehensive plan, the North Main Streetscape is in the process of being vastly improved. Residents along the route have been notified and construction is slotted to start in the Summer of 2022. Improvements here will include upgraded streets, sidewalks, lighting and safety along with more housing, commercial spaces, and more! 

Open Space.JPG

Open Space Art Academy


Lincoln Heights 

Since the RDA's original renovation on this property occurred over 18 years ago, Lincoln Heights is in need of some updates. Beginning this year, the building will be undergoing extensive roof and HVAC replacement, along with several masonry repairs. No residents will be displaced during these upgrades. 

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