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Blighted properties

The Redevelopment Authority’s main goal is two-fold – first, remove the blight

from the neighborhood and second, promote homeownership in the City.


If interested in buying one of these homes, please call the City of Pittston the Redevelopment Authority (570) 654-

4601. When applying for one of these homes, the buyer’s reputation, past history and ability to complete the major

rehabilitation of the home will be examined, as well as the buyer’s funding for the purchase and reconstruction of

the property, along with the plans the buyer has for the property. Purchase price of the property is a major factor,

but the Redevelopment Authority is very interested in people who will be promoting homeownership for the

property when it has been rehabilitated. In addition, the Redevelopment Authority examines the ability of the

prospective buyer to complete the rehabilitation, the reputation of the prospective buyer regarding the maintenance

of property he/she may already own in the City and the adequacy of the proposed rehabilitation work to remove

blight. The Redevelopment Authority also verifies that the prospective buyer has sufficient funds to pay for the

work needed on the property.


The regular monthly meeting is an open meeting and attendance of the prospective buyer is encouraged. The

process is carried on during competitive public negotiations-not a sealed bid to highest bidder. Both private

individuals and nonprofit agencies compete for available properties. The members of the Redevelopment Authority

board and/or Executive staff will interview prospective buyers privately in an information gathering session. If there

are multiple offers for one of the properties or if the purchase price is less than the just compensation price, a

discussion will be held, during the public session, in an effort to come to a decision about which proposal best meets

the goal of removing blight. The Redevelopment Authority often makes its decision based on the best proposal that

promotes homeownership.


If a decision is reached during the meeting, motions are made and seconded to convey the property to the

prospective buyer. The buyer has the right to choose a title company and final settlement date not longer than 60

days from the meeting date. At the time of final settlement, the buyer will receive a free and clear title to the

property. A Special Warranty Deed and a Quitclaim Deed are signed at the final settlement and the deeds are

recorded. At the end of the rehabilitation period on or before 12 months from the date of purchase of the property,

the property is inspected and a staff member of the Redevelopment Authority approves a Certification of

Completion. If the property has been rehabilitated according to the plan presented, the Quitclaim Deed is returned

to the property owner. The property may then be resold to a qualified homeowner. A deed restriction shall be

placed on the property requiring owner-occupancy in perpetuity.

available properties

As new properties are available, this list is updated and made available to interested parties

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