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Red Wall & Stairs


The RDA administers two HOME Rehabilitation Programs.  Each program is open to residents who are considered "low to moderate" income residents by HUD standards. Programs are open both to City of Pittston residents, and residents in the Greater Pittston Region who meet additional criteria. 

To inquire, please contact Therese at 570-654-4601

Pittston Redevelopment Authority:

Therese Roughsedge
35 Broad St. Suite 202
Pittston, PA 18640

by email to

Eligible Participants

  • Applicants must own and occupy the property as their primary residence

  • Applicant must be located within Pittston City, Taylor, Avoca, Pittston TWP, West Pittston, Jenkins TWP, Duryea, Dupont, Hughestown, Exeter, Laflin

  • All property taxes, sewer maintenance and garbage fees must be current

  • Applicants must meet the income requirements

  • The improved property value must be less than 95% of the median sales price

Eligible Activities

  • All items necessary to bring a home up to code, or limited items including 7 major systems: electrical, plumbing, hvac, roof, foundation, ADA upgrades, environmental (lead/radon) work

  • Address lead-based paint hazards

Maximum Amount of 

Financial Assistance 

  • $25,000 per dwelling unit with an additional $10,000 environmental grant possible and uncapped low interest loan over 20 years

  • Forgiveness of grant will be made with a 10-year term

  • Funds are forgiven each year the owner resides in the home

HUD 2023-24 Income Limits

*Income from all sources. Limits are subject to change each year.

  • 1 person per household:   $43,900

  • 2 persons per household: $50,200

  • 3 persons per household: $56,450

  • 4 persons per household: $62,700

  • 5 persons per household: $67,750

  • 6 persons per household: $72,750

  • 7 persons per household: $77,750

  • 8 persons per household: $82,800

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