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Notice is hereby given that the City of Pittston will hold a public hearing on June 22, 2023, at 4:00 P.M at City Hall, Council Chambers, 35 Broad St. Pittston, PA 18640.

If you require special accommodations, please notify Joseph Chacke, Director of the Pittston Redevelopment Authority, at least 72 hours in advance to 570-654-4601 or or TDD users 7-1-1 PA Telecommunications Relay Center.

The purpose of the hearing is to discuss the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program in general, the needs of the community that can be met with CDBG funding, and performance under the previously funded CDBG program years and the Three-Year Community Development Plan.

The City of Pittston expects to receive an allocation of approximately $308,705 in FY 2023 CDBG funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. At least 70% of the funds must be used to benefit low- and moderate-income persons. The proposed activities must benefit at least 51% low-moderate income persons in the service area to qualify as an eligible project. The application submission deadline to the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) has not yet been announced but we assume it will be late October 2023.

The following types of activities may be eligible for funding under the CDBG Program: water and sewer line replacement and improvements; housing rehabilitation; construction or improvements to community facilities such as community centers, roads, sidewalks and recreational facilities; public services; removal of architectural barriers; code enforcement; economic development; acquisition of property in support of other activities; demolition; and general administration.

If activities undertaken with grant funds would result in the displacement of families or individuals, then the City’s Anti-Displacement and Relocation Policy would be in effect. The City would be responsible for replacing all low- and moderate-income housing units that may be demolished or converted as a result of the use of CDBG funds.

All interested parties are invited to attend the public hearing and give oral testimony at the public hearing or present written comments concerning the needs of the community, proposed CDBG activities and or the prior use of funds, as well as the CDBG program in general. Comments may be submitted by September 30, 2023, to the Pittston Redevelopment Authority, Attn: Joseph Chacke, 35 Broad St. Pittston, PA 18640 or

By order of the City of Pittston

Michael Lombardo

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