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Pittston’s Market & Main/New American Theater

Pittston, PA, November 27, 2023 - In a momentous step toward the revitalization of Pittston's cultural scene and cityscape, OOMBRA Architects, a Philadelphia-based architectural firm, has been selected by the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Pittston to design Market & Main/The New American Theater. This groundbreaking project will enhance the burgeoning arts scene and artistic legacy of downtown Pittston, becoming the first theater in Pittston since the original American Theater was demolished in 1993.

Mayor Michael Lombardo, a staunch advocate for the arts and one of the driving forces behind the project, expressed enthusiastic support for the endeavor. "Market & Main/The New American Theater marks a new chapter in our city's history. We are thrilled to welcome OOMBRA Architects and their visionary design that embraces both our rich heritage and the principles of sustainability. It's been a long time coming, but we're determined to restore the performing arts to the heart of Pittston."

The original American Theater, once the epicenter of Pittston's cultural life, hosted vaudeville shows, big band music concerts, and movies for decades. Its demolition in 1993 left a void that the City and community have longed to fill. The Mayor's and Redevelopment Authority’s unwavering commitment to this project, which they have made a priority, reflects their vision for a culturally vibrant Pittston.

Market & Main/The New American Theater is set to be a mixed-use facility, encompassing approximately 500-seat performing arts theater, food and beverage spaces, commercial offices, an office for the RDA, and residential units. Its design will seamlessly blend traditional and modern architectural elements, resulting in a visually captivating and culturally vibrant structure. Redevelopment Authority Chairman Joe Chernouskas stated, “On behalf of the entire Board and Staff of the Redevelopment Authority, I am proud to share this project with the residents. This project will accomplish our mission of redeveloping vacant and underutilized property, while also making tremendous economic and cultural impacts to the City and region.”

In addition to the City’s commitment to revitalizing the legacy of the original American Theater, the project places a strong emphasis on community engagement and revitalizing public spaces. An inviting outdoor public area will become a central gathering point, hosting a range of events, outdoor performances, and public art installations, fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Joe Chacke, Executive Director of the Redevelopment Authority, an ardent supporter and long-time advocate for the project declared, “Our project will be a transformational project for the City, its residents and the region. Over the last decade plus, we have completed many impactful and positive projects for the City, but this undertaking will take the City to the next level and move forward the City’s renaissance.”

Market & Main/The New American Theater project signifies not only a promising future for the performing arts but also the continuing resurgence of Pittston as a vibrant and thriving city. The Mayor’s and Redevelopment Authority’s commitment to the project is testament to their vision of celebrating the city's rich history while setting the stage for a bright and dynamic future. As the plans for The New American Theater take shape, the city eagerly anticipates a cultural renaissance, with this iconic venue serving as the heart of Pittston's artistic and community life.

The Market & Main/New American Theater project will be significantly funded by multiple grants, including HUD Community Project Funding, Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, and the Local Share Account. Additional grant funding is pending and will be applied for.

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